Preschool Calendar Time

The uncommon calendar

The debate over preschoolers and calendar time is a heated one in the early childhood profession. Traditional calendar time in many preschool classrooms consist of 3 and 4 year old  reciting the days of the week and months of the year from memory .

 I believe calendar time executed with intentional planning  is an important part of a preschool day.  In my classroom we use a deconstructed calendar which consist of a large magnetic oil pan and three 10 frames (since some months have 30 or 31 days).

A deconstructed calendar is a traditional calendar broken into small purposeful parts. It can consist of a number line, 10 frames, or any other way the teacher chooses to illustrate  number knowledge.

Each morning during circle time we add a magnetic circle to the ten frame and then use magnetic numbers to build the number to represent quantity

The month labels are interchangeable, I try to include a symbol next to the month for symbol/word association. The month label is small because it is not the focus of our learning but we do incorporate it because the months are relevant to our school year and our lives (vacations, seasons, birthdays, etc.)

A few intentional math skills we work on during calendar time include:
       1 to 1 correspondence
       Counting objects
       Number recognition
       Concepts of quantity
       How numbers and counting apply to the world around us
       Sets of 10

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